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Worlds Hardest Game

As by its name it is a really hard game. This game comprises of 30 levels. As you start playing the game and finishing the levels the game starts to be very challenging and difficult. We bet you that you can't finish the first level in the first try. This game is seriously mind-blowing and challenging. You have to put full focus and concentration while playing the game or otherwise you will lose the game by being distracted from other stuff81. As you finish each level the challenges become harder and harder. You cannot play this game on a phone but a computer or a laptop will do the job. The game was made by Stephen Critoph. There are 3 more official versions of this game which available on funblocked.net.

The game was released in March 2008. The game is just perfect for people who are very daring and challenging. The aim seems to be very simple: all you have to do is you have red blocks so you have to avoid blue circles and collect Yellow circles. This sounds very easy but the game itself will tell if it is easy or difficult when you will start playing it. If you are losing the game then remember that losing doesn't mean that every time you will lose the game. Experience makes everything. Because then you can figure out what to do and what not. As you will play the game you will get better and better. Always remember that the Winner was first the failure.

In games losing and winning continues but you should never stop trying. As someone said, "Try but don't Cry". This quote resembles to each and every person who always give up before giving it a try. Never give up because one day you'll be the winner. It's not about losing or winning the game it's about not giving up. Sometimes we put so much stress on winning or losing that we fail to recognize and lesson in everything. And In the end we realize that should have not given up that day. So, try to find out new ways and techniques to win the levels of this game. This is a very addicting game but whoever has played it they had enjoyed a lot. There are several videos all over YouTube that will guide you to play the game. Just go for it and try finding out new tricks. Enjoy the journey and try to get better every day. We'll bet you that one day you will finish all the levels. Thanks for giving your time to read this article it means a lot to us. Hope you get something. Have a good day.